Care Icons
Hand wash Do not tumble dry Regular dry cleaning
Do not hand wash Iron hot Specialist dry cleaning
Delicate wash cycle 30 Iron moderately hot Chlorine bleaching possible
Delicate wash cycle 60 Iron warm Chlorine bleaching not possible
Regular wash cycle 40 Do not iron Dry flat
Regular wash cycle 60 Dry cleaning is not possible Tumble dry with reduced thermal

Care Guide

All Saints recommend that all garment and accessories are kept away from naked flames.

As denim is indigo dyed the dye will disperse during each wash so the appearance of the denim will become more faded with age. To keep a darker shade for longer we would recommend you fasten garments and wash inside out. Denim should not come into contact with light surfaces during washing or wear as the colour will transfer.

On raw denims we recommend to dry clean only to maintain a deeper shade for longer. Please note raw denims must be kept away from light coloured surfaces as colour will transfer.

Leather due to its intrinsic nature will vary slightly from garment to garment and will have some colour variation. Please be aware that colour may transfer so we recommend keeping away from light coloured surfaces. To keep your leather garment/accessory in its best condition it should not be used in the rain.

Duck Down Filled Garments:
To maintain the puffed out appearance of garments with duck down wadding we recommend that the garment be tumble dried after washing. Ideally three tennis balls should be put in a sock during the tumble dry process to fluff up the feather filling so they are evenly dispersed.


All knitwear general:
All Saints knitwear has been made with great care. In the rare event that a seam comes undone spare yarn has been provided to carry out any necessary repairs. Unfortunately this is not always going to be possible in the case of AllSaints Vintage garments. We would always recommend all knitwear to be stored flat to keep your garment in shape.

General Wool:
Due to the natural characteristics of wool some pills (balls) may appear on the surface of the garment over time. To maintain the appearance of your garment we recommend using a lint remover (available in most supermarkets).

Merino Wool:
Due to the shrinkage characteristics of this yarn we would recommend these garments to be dry cleaned only.

Boiled Wool:
Due to the nature of boiled wool it should not be washed in water as shrinkage will definitely occur. This type of wool must always be dry cleaned to maintain the same shape.

All Embellished Garments/Accessories:
The majority of All Saints garments and accessories are hand embellished with great care. Over time some embellishments may, however, become loose. A selection of spare embellishments will be provided with your garment/accessory should any repairs be necessary. Unfortunately this is not always going to be possible in the case of AllSaints Vintage garments.

Silk/Georgette/Light Weight Fabrics & Knits:
Garments made with light weight delicate fabrics should always be kept away from harsh surfaces during wear and jewellery removed before putting on/taking off these garments to avoid any snagging/tear damage.

Perfume/Deodorant/Face Creams/Hairspray:
Please take great care when using perfumes/deodorants/face creams/hairsprays when wearing garments as discolouration can occur due to chemicals/bleaching agents in these products.

Spare Buttons:
All garments with buttons will have a spare button in each size provided in case any repairs are necessary. Unfortunately this is not always going to be possible in the case of AllSaints Vintage garments.

Please ensure the zip slider is flush with the base of the zip parts before fastening the garment to avoid jamming.